Camera Trap Catches a Young Night Heron

Up North

Checking the camera trap has become somewhat of a weekend tradition for me.  I never know what to expect.  Many times, I get pictures of nothing, likely due to a flying bird triggering the motion sensor or simply light reflecting off branches or the waves on the lake.  Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised, as I was when the doe and fawn were captured on the trail.  Most of the time, the subjects of these pictures tend to be raccoons or crows.

When I retrieved the camera this morning, I was pleased to see the number ’12’ on the camera’s photo counter.  In one grainy 3 AM shot, a raccoon could be seen in the distance.  The usual suspect.  But on another shot, a bird was standing directly in front of the camera, almost posing.  After a few hours of research, I learned that I had a shot of a juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron.  I had never heard of a Night Heron.

Juvenile black-crowned night-heron
Juvenile black-crowned night-heron

As with many birds, the juvenile plumage and overall shape are nothing like the adult form.  Regardless, I consider this a big win for the camera trap.