Visit with Stacey’s Family

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On December 3, I finally got an opportunity to stop by Grand Blanc and visit my sister Stacey’s family.  This was my first visit with my beautiful baby niece Aubrey.  I also got an opportunity to spend some time with my nephew Peyton, who upon seeing me in my business suit, asked his mom if I was a lawyer.

Peyton is 5 now and has his own trail bike.  Maybe when the snow clears Peyton can bring it to Alden and I can ride my little Honda with him.

One thought on “Visit with Stacey’s Family

  • Kevin….Thank you for the visit it was great to see you. Debbie I loved the clothes. Aubrey already wore the little snowman sleeper. Peyton and TERRY were outside playing with the remote control helicopter as soon as you left. It was so nice of you guys to think of them. Hope to see everyone again soon. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy NewYear !

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