Memorial Day Gathering

Family and Friends, Up North

It was a nice 4-day weekend for me and a welcome break from the constant meetings and phone calls at work.  Predictably, we had our informal gathering in Alden.  I only took a few pictures with my cell phone, so I pilfered shots from Becky’s camera card to fill the gaps.

The weather was nice, with rain falling only on Sunday morning.  Master multi-tasker Al relieved me from the lawn cutting duties by taking his grandsons for a ride on the tractor while cutting the grass.  I rode about 35 miles on the old gold Honda, which is really running well.  Al’s grandsons Aiden and Brody enjoyed the pontoon boat, piloting it on a few occasions.  On Saturday afternoon, a bald eagle circled the lake, hunting for a fishy meal.

Thanks to all who shared their time with us in Alden this Memorial Day weekend.

One thought on “Memorial Day Gathering

  • Kevin and Debbie thank you for having Todd and his 2 sons Aiden and Brody over this holiday. They all enjoyed themselves tremendously. (Wow I spelled that right). When they got home they couldn’t stop talking about how much fun they had. A special thanks to Adam for showing the boys a good time. Nicki you also did a great job keeping them busy. Someday you guy’s will have your own and now you had first hand what to expect. Debbie n Kevin thank you to. Come to think of it,it took all of us to keep up with them. Brings back memory’s doesn’t it Becky and Joe. Your all the best I could ever ask for as friends. Looking forward to the Cherry Festival and being with all of you again.
    That was a memorable picture I took of the whole family. You all look great and I love you all.

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