Breakfast in Siberia

Up North

Since acquiring the Dnepr MT-11 Ukrainian sidecar motorcycle from Graham last month, I’ve been looking forward to the learning how it handles in the snow.  This morning, I awoke to several inches of fresh snow, so I finally had my opportunity.  The bike started easily, even in 27 F degree weather.  Once the engine was warmed up, I rode around the street to get a feeling for how it handled in the snow.  It won’t climb snowy hills, but the traction in 3-4 inches of snow was remarkable, helped no doubt by the machine’s 740 pound weight.

I headed into town for breakfast, stopping at the Alden Bar.  The pancakes and hash browns recharged me, and 2 cups of hot coffee warmed me, although I had dressed for the occasion and was quite comfortable on the road.  On the way home, I got more waves and giggles from other motorists, and a trucker gave me a “thumbs up” salute (at least I hope it was his thumb).

Now at 235 kilometers, the Dnepr MT-11 has been a trooper.  These machines were designed for Siberian conditions, so the snowy ride this morning was par for the course.  Who’s up for a ride?


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