Tech debuted in June 2000 as an archive of family events and photos.  While it’s mainly a hobby for me, I’ll continue to improve to ensure that it’s a modern, convenient source for sharing the latest events and photos with friends and family. still runs on a server in my basement, but in March 2013, I built a new server using an ASUS P8Z77-V motherboard and an Intel Core i5-3570K quad core processor, providing much better performance.

WebCam internalsIn March 2017, the ancient Alden Webcam and the server it was connected to were both retired, replaced with a tiny Raspberry Pi Zero W computer (right) with a camera module connected to it.  This Linux-based computer handles all the picture-taking and serving of the images on the web.

Best of all, it runs off an old cell phone charger, so it barely uses any electricity compared to the old, loud server.

Thanks for checking in.  Truly appreciated.  Stop by periodically for the latest pictures and stories.