On the Road Again: Royce Union Project Bike

It’s nice when projects come together like you want them to. After receiving a few deliveries of parts and a special tool, the Royce Union DTX 650 mountain bike is on the road again.

The bike rides on new axles front and rear, although only the rear was in need of replacement. The new parts came with both front and rear axles, which included quick-disconnect mounting hardware, so I replaced both axles so that they would match. Both rear wheel bearings were replaced. Front bearings were cleaned and lubricated. Cables have been lubricated, and the brakes were adjusted.

I took the bike for a short ride in front of the house, shifting through the gears. The new seat is quite comfortable, too. The bike still lacks a kick stand, so I’ll need to determine which type to order. I plan on using this bike for short rides around the neighborhood and for low-impact exercise.

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