New Shoes for the Honda ATC 90

After more than 30 years of wear on the old, leaky, mismatched tires, the family’s old Honda ATC 90 is now wearing a set of new identical 22-inch balloon tires.  I took the ATC for a quick run across the lake and down the road and the new tires feel great.  It’s funny to see that these tires have an inflation pressure of only 7 psi.

The ATC has been part of the family for decades, since David was a little guy, and has served us well.  Maybe it still has some good years left in it.

[mediaplayer src=’/wp-content/uploads/ATC90_Jan_9_2010.wmv’ thumb=’’ ]

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2 Comments on “New Shoes for the Honda ATC 90”

    1. Yeah, it was a coincidence that Justin was here when the new tires were mounted. He used it quite a bit on the lake. It still runs pretty good.

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