Christmas Eve

This year we all gathered at Becky and Joe’s new home for Christmas Eve.  I didn’t have my camera with me, but thanks to pictures I got from Al Krasnicki, my mom and Becky, I’m able to share the fun here.  Thanks very much to our hosts Becky and Joe for all the work they did to get ready for the big event and for their kind hospitality.

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3 Comments on “Christmas Eve”

  1. Kevin,
    You did a great job with all the Christmas pictures as usual. It’s really something to see how all the kids have grown up. The whole clan looks great. Becky and Joe did a great job. My family was thankful to be part of the Christmas celebration and we “Thank” Becky and Joe very much for letting us share Christmas Eve with all of you.

    1. Al, it was really nice to see you and your family over the Holidays. Todd’s boys are getting big, and they are so cute. I didn’t take a single picture this Christmas, so I’m glad that others have given me their pictures.

  2. I looked at all the christmas eve pictures again. The one of all the kids on the stairs is the same picture taken each year. Boy have they all grown up from the first picture that were usually taken on your basement. Each one of them, today is making a better life for themselves. You, Debbie, Joe and Becky and Adam and Crystal parents should be very proud of what they are all becoming. Good job. I went back and forgot about Alysa. How Justin got such a beautiful girl I’ll never know. Just kidding.

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