Happy 2011

In Alden, the New Year will arrive in a warm, rainy way. It’s 44 degrees today and the snow has largely melted, leaving a dark, muddy landscape. It will cool down again in a few days, making the roads an icy mess, I’m sure.

I thought I’d share a few shots of the wildlife taken over the past few days, and wish everybody a healthy and prosperous 2011.

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2 Comments on “Happy 2011”

  1. Pictures look good Kevin. You sure have alot of deer outside. Were going by Tim and Linda’s tonight. Wish you were here to go with us. You have a “HAPPY NEW YEAR” and may you and your family have a healthy and prosperous year.

    1. The does were actually fighting a bit, standing on their hind legs, competing for territory around the corn pile. The camera didn’t catch that, though. Happy New Year to you and your family too, Al.

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