Enzo the Explorer

I figured that, while Enzo was still technically a puppy, I should post some pictures.  The pictures below were taken this week in Alden.  Taking pictures of Enzo is a challenge, since he’s usually running or jumping.  He doesn’t sit still for long, so I typically take 100 blurry pictures for every clear one.

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5 Comments on “Enzo the Explorer”

  1. He’s lucky he’s so darn cute! However,he’s not taking very good care of that $63 haircut now is he? Geez!

  2. He sure is not a typical house dog for that breed. He breaks all the records of just being a soft, cuddly, fluffy stay inside under the covers kind of dog. Imagine what his parents would say if they seen him in action plus all these rough out door pictures. They would say, “NO WAY, NO HOW IS THAT MY SON”
    Let’s see how much of a hunting dog he is? Take one of those apples and cut a hole all the way through and then put a piece of meat in it and put it back with the others and see if he can sniff that one out. My money is on Enzo.

    1. When Enzo was a puppy, we had a serious talk and I said “look, if you’re gonna hang with me, you’re gonna be an up-north dog”, and then it was settled.

    1. Thanks for visiting our silly little family web site. Yeah, we love Enzo too, but he’s a handful. As I’m writing this response, he just proudly dropped a dead bug on my lap.

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