Ready for Painting

After a few months of scrubbing with steel wool, sand blasting, filling, sanding, priming, and repeating those steps, the ’65 Honda motorcycle parts are ready for the paint shop.  My goal is to have the parts back in time for my one week vacation at the beginning of July.  That would give the paint shop 3 full weeks, which I’m hoping is sufficient.  I’ll soon find out.  I’ll bring the parts to the painter tomorrow.

Otherwise, I have only a few tasks left to complete before reassembly can begin in July.  I still have one more wheel to lace with new spokes.  I’m still waiting for the wide white wall tires to arrive.  I also have to clean some front suspension parts.  I did manage to paint and reassemble the front foot bar and side stand assembly, pictured below.  The rubber foot rests are new, replacing the original cracked and crumbled pieces.  The foot bar and side stand were caked with decades of dirt and grease, hardened to a thick crust that I had to break away with a hammer before I could scrub the parts clean with steel wool.

Just more baby steps toward restoring this interesting little motorcycle.


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