Reassembly Begins

274 days after I began disassembling the ’65 Honda in Alden, I finally started to reassemble the pieces.  Since the wide white wall tires are still on back order, I can only go so far, but I put in about 4 hours on the project today.  I’ll do some wiring work tomorrow now that the wiring harness is in, but I’m in no rush.

I reassembled the front suspension and anything connected to the forks, which includes the big fender and the headlight nacelle.  The front fork uses ancient ball bearings, which are still in excellent condition.  The bearings were well packed with grease when the fork was assembled.

The rear swing arm suspension installed quickly.  I reassembled the rear shocks then hung them from the rear fender to support the rear swing arm.  The wiring harness was routed through the frame as illustrated in the parts manual, connected only to the ignition key switch at this point.

I’ll be busy the next 2 weekends so the project will have to wait until August for additional work.  Stay tuned!

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