Pretty Autumn in the Cumberland Gap

On Wednesday, October 17, we headed south to visit Nicki in Cumberland Gap, TN.  The Fall colors were still showing and the weather was nice.

We were treated to a tour of the anatomy lab at Lincoln Memorial University, where the cadaver dissections take place.  The “no photography” rules were strictly enforced, but we  were allowed to take pictures in the model room, where plastic models of body parts are stored.  No cadavers were allowed to be viewed out of respect for the donors.

We hiked a trail at the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park and stopped by the Cumberland Falls for a color tour.  The falls and Cumberland River are so pretty, and Enzo enjoys running around the shoreline and exploring.  After visiting the falls, we headed south to Knoxville for some shopping and people watching.

We miss you already, Nicki!

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    1. Thanks Joel. She didn’t spend much time peeking in, but I suppose it’s smart to stay clear of train tunnels that we’re not familiar with.

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