April Showers Bring …

April showers won’t bring May flowers if it doesn’t stop snowing.  Yesterday I received the annual bill from the snow plow guy, but I fear he may have sent it too soon.  No matter.  When the icy mornings are as beautiful as they were today, then I’m ok with an extended winter.

Thayer Lake’s water level is higher than I’ve ever seen it, which is good news.  It’s beginning to go over the top of my dock, and has submerged half of the neighbor’s dock that was completely on dry land last year.  Enzo and I took a long walk around the shoreline and the woods, enjoying the quiet stillness of the chilly morning.  The pictures below describe the mood better than I can.


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4 Comments on “April Showers Bring …”

  1. Kev, These photos are GREAT! Of course, our Enzo, is always photogenic no matter what he decided to do. I think he’s trying to figure out how his lake got frozen and he can’t go in swimming. The deer tracks are a priceless photo……………. But,……………..Doug wants you to make it all go AWAY SOON! As for me…………..I love it!

  2. It’s getting into the 50s here in Alden this week, so the snow and ice should melt soon. I wouldn’t be surprised if Thayer Lake opens up this week.

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