Update: Parts Begin to Arrive

Replacement parts have begun to trickle in for the Hallicrafters radio restoration project. Meanwhile, I’ve been working hard to research the proper restoration techniques, and to study the functionality of the ancient electronic components that I’m less familiar with.  This radio was built 14 years before the first transistor radio was sold, so I’m dealing with tubes and higher voltages than I’m accustomed to.

Since this radio was modified several times over the years, with holes drilled in the case and chassis for non-original switches and sockets, it can’t be considered to be in ‘original’ condition.  However, that frees me to fill the holes, re-paint the case, and apply reproduction lettering to restore the case to a near-original appearance.

I have hours of soldering work ahead of me, but I’m in no rush.  I’m still waiting for the replacement tubes to arrive, and to maintain the proper vintage appearance, I’ve ordered new cloth-insulated 16 gauge wiring to replace some broken or cut wires.

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