Update: Dnepr Rear Drive, Wheel Truing

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update on the Dnepr project, so I gathered up some recent pictures to share.  The paint has been stripped from the motorcycle frame.  I still need to remove the paint from the fenders, sidecar and sidecar frame.  The new leading link fork came with the same poor quality paint that was on motorbike, so I’ll be stripping and sanding that, too.

I’ve laced the original wheel hubs to new rims using stainless steel spokes.  I’ve trued one of four wheels – the rest I’ll finish next weekend.  This weekend I pulled apart the rear axle drive, since I had new gaskets and seals.  As expected, the ring and pinion gears were like new.  I replaced the rusted nuts and washers, too.  The rear axle cleaned up nicely and is ready to go.

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