Update: Starting Dnepr Assembly

The Dnepr project resumed this past weekend.  The biggest accomplishment was completing the truing of all 4 wheels.  I was struggling with this task until I realized that the axle that came with the balancing stand didn’t work well with these Soviet hubs, preventing the wheel hub from centering on the axle.  I decided to use the motorcycle’s axle on the balancing stand instead, and that corrected the issue.  At that point, I was able to true each wheel in about an hour.  These wheels have no visible vertical or lateral run-out and spin very true, which was never the case with the original wheels.  That should improve the ride.  I also mounted one tire – the remaining 3 will be mounted next weekend.  I hope to balance the wheels next weekend if the weights arrive in time.

I also mounted the rear swing arm with new bushings.  In the picture below, the seat is just resting on the frame for visual effect.  I hope to mount the engine in the frame next weekend.  Stay tuned!

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