If It’s Raining, It Must Be The Weekend

The rainy, cool summer in Alden has given me fewer excuses to get some indoor work done, although I’ll admit that there’s something oddly calming about floating on the pontoon boat in the middle of a drizzle. Today I plan on converting another box of Uncle Walt’s home movies, but not until I find some time between the rain drops to cut the lawn, which has become waves of grain.

While stepping out onto the deck this morning, I noticed a hen turkey with three little poults (yeah, I had to look that up … I guess they’re not called goblets.) After spotting me, she did a good job of hiding them behind a redwood tree, but I managed to snap a few blurry pictures before they walked back into the woods, single file.

Turkey Hen and her 3 Poults
Turkey Hen and her 3 Poults

Hey, the sun is out. Time to harvest the lawn while the tractor can still make it through and before more rain falls.

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