July 4 Weekend

This year we had our ninth July 4 gathering of family and friends at the Alden house.  The weather was rainy and cold for several days before the holiday, but July 4 and 5 were both beautiful days.  Both Ryan and Nicki brought their pets for the weekend, which added to the fun.

Much of the group spent a sunny July 4 on the sandbar at Torch Lake.  The cooler evenings were perfect for campfires, which Justin was more than happy to provide.  The Sea-Doo watercraft finally got some time on the water, providing some high-speed fun on the lakes.

During a Sunday walk through the Seven Bridges Natural Area, Al spotted a rare Michigan orchid called a Showy Lady’s Slipper.  We used Crystal’s camera to capture the beauty of this flower.  According to one source, this delicate flower takes up to 15 years to mature and have flowers.  Great find, Al.

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