November 28, 1963

Converting Uncle Walt’s old 8mm home movies has been a wonderful, albeit silent, peek at the past.  I’ve made some progress lately and am now roughly halfway through the reels.  I estimate that it will take another month to complete the conversions from 8mm tape.   Uncle Walt’s collection is truly a goldmine of family memories, and it will be wonderful to assemble the DVDs when the conversions are complete.

One thing that struck me while reviewing “Thanksgiving, 1963” was that this movie was taken only 6 days after President Kennedy’s assassination, 3 days following his globally televised funeral.  Looking at the smiling family faces, you’d never realize that an insecure nation was mourning.  It was also the first time I recall ever seeing myself, here at 6 months,  in a movie younger than age 2.

I’ll try to post occasional updates from Uncle Walt’s movie collection as progress is made.

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