NOT a Boat Ramp

Boating, booze, and babes.  What more could one ask for on a sunny Labor Day?  Well, maybe an extra boat ramp.

While picking up our boats Saturday, we heard two  loud crashes.  When we turned to see what happened, this fellow was laughing hysterically, saying “I thought it was a boat ramp”.  This watercraft owner mistook a boat slip for a launch ramp and drove his little trailer over the edge.

Having come to terms with his mistake, and still buffered by his boozy euphoria, he proudly posed for a picture before we lifted his trailer back onto the pavement.  Aside from broken dock timbers, there was no harm, but let’s hope he left the day’s driving to someone else.

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2 Comments on “NOT a Boat Ramp”

    1. Yeah, it was weird. I was standing in the real boat ramp, helping to load the pontoon boat, when I heard a loud crash. Poor guy. I assured him that it wouldn’t appear on the Internet, but that was before I noticed that Aunt Becky had already taken a few pictures. Oh well, at least nobody was hurt.

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