It’s Alive!

After sitting in a Fenton barn for 30 years, the ’67 Bianchi Avanti Sport roared back to life at 8:34 PM on Sunday, October 4.  After correcting some wiring issues earlier in the day, the engine produced a strong spark.  Once I had a spark, I filled the gas tank and cranked the pedals, and the engine fired up after only a few seconds.

The moped looks great now, wearing a pair of classic wide white wall tires.  The chrome wheel rims are new, too, with new stainless steel spokes front and rear.  Although it’s not very visible, the bike now displays a Bianchi head badge decal, which was missing when I took possession.  The decal was purchased on eBay from Alessandro Nati in Italy … grazie amico!

While the moped runs and can be driven, there are still some areas that require attention.  The wiring harness to the headlights and taillights remains disconnected, and the rear brakes, while very effective, don’t disengage completely when released.  I think I’ll ride the moped a few times before winter, then replace all wiring and cables as a follow-up project during the snowy season.

Below are the latest pictures, along with a ‘before’ shot for comparison.  Check out the video below, too!

[mediaplayer src=’/wp-content/uploads/Bianchi_Avanti_Sport_-_First_Ride_After_Restoration_-_Oct_5_2009.wmv’ thumb=’’ ]

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  1. You did a super job of restoring your new moped, Kev. You better get a lock for use on your trips into Alden and when coming for visits to Bellaire next spring. This moped is surely an antique worthy of restoration and posterity. Kudos, Kev!

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