How NOT To Celebrate Your Birthday

From the “Stuff Happens” department comes this picture of how Debbie celebrated her birthday Sunday.  It was really a simple gathering, just some cake and ice cream.  There wasn’t even booze.  Regardless, Debbie counted 10 steps when there were 11, and fractured her left foot and tore a ligament in the process.

So, for the next 6 weeks, Deb will be sporting a fiberglass cast, hoping that her ligament will heal so she can avoid surgery.  Time will tell.  I’m hoping that in 2 more weeks, she’ll have mastered her crutches well enough to resume cutting the grass again.  Hey, it’s a self-propelled mower.

Feeling Miserable

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2 Comments on “How NOT To Celebrate Your Birthday”

  1. Oh noooo, poor Debbie. I feel so bad for her. Love the pink cast. She’s very fashionable.
    Kevin, you will have to cook, clean and carry Debbie now.

    At least you could get her a riding lawnmower! love, mj

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