French Door Project

We’re finally getting around to installing the French Doors in the Alden house loft.  This will let it serve as a true 5th bedroom for guests while preserving the large opening into the loft.  It will also eliminate the “TV wars”, when viewers of the living room and loft TVs would take turns turning up the volume only to drown each other out.

The project started with the removal of drywall where the new door frame was to be mounted.  I had to add 7 inches of 2×6 framing to each side of the opening, in addition to adding a 4 inch header over the new frame.

The doors have been stained but not yet varnished.  I still have to drywall the sides of the new frame and install the oak trim.  The work is on hold for a few days with the anticipated arrival of guests, but I’ll finish the work in early June.

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