Puppy Fun

With the temps at 41 degrees, Enzo was interested in spending more time with me outside.  We went for a walk on the road earlier in the day, and in the video below, Enzo played on a foot of snow while I was shoveling.  He spent quite a bit of time playing in the snow, and seemed to really enjoy it.

Most of the time, he’s getting into trouble, dragging whatever he can get his mouth around into the living room, such as bathroom rugs, my underwear and socks, newspapers, shoes, etc.

[mediaplayer src=’/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Enzo_in_Snow_Feb_13_2011.wmv’ autoLoad=1 ]

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2 Comments on “Puppy Fun”

  1. Looks like he’s going to enjoy going up north with you Kevin. The snow doesn’t seem to bother him either. He’s having a ball running and jumping around in the snow. Just think Kevin, we used to run and jump in the snow just like Enzo. Now we just walk and sit in the closest seat we can find, and that’s in the warm house next to the roaring fire in the fire place. I bet he’ll really enjoy the pontoon rides you take each day. Can’t wait until it starts warming up.

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