Project Update: Forks Are Apart

The motorcycle restoration project took a few steps forward today.  I finally got some time to disassemble the front forks.  I’ve ordered new seals and dust covers for the forks to ensure that they won’t leak fluid.  I was quite pleased to find the fork shafts to be in excellent shape, with not a single sign of pitting or roughness.  I’ll reassemble the forks when the new seals and fork oil arrive.

I also painted a few more black parts, such as the lower engine mounts and the fork “triple tree” bridges.  Finally, I managed to take some good old fashioned Brillo pads to the spokes and to some tiny rust spots on the wheel rimes.  They cleaned up pretty well.

When I get the forks back together and mounted on the frame, I’ll start the reassembly of the motorcycle.  I have the first two weeks of July off work, so I’m expecting to make some progress with the assembly.  The bike was manufactured in October 1971 … wouldn’t it be nice to have it running by this October, in time for its 40th birthday?

Front forks disassembled

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