Tearing Down the ’65 Honda

Today I finally got an opportunity to start the disassembly of the ’65 Honda Benly Touring 150.  Since this bike was stored in a shed for nearly 3 decades without being used, I was prepared for surprises and challenges.  I got out the tools, reviewed my handy list of swear words, set the box of Band Aids within reach, then started to work.

I started by draining out all the engine oil.  There was exactly one half cottage cheese container of oil in the engine, which is the universal measurement for “not enough oil”.  It had the consistency of melted mozzarella cheese, another bad sign.  Old oil can become highly acidic and cause pitting in the engine bearings.  I’ll have to check them out later, when the rest of the engine is taken apart.

Below are some pictures of the progress.

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