New Project: 1965 Honda CA95 Benly Touring

After the ’72 Honda restoration project had completed, I was hooked.  I’ve since put over 300 wonderful miles on that bike, but wanted to restore another old motorcycle.  This time, I wanted something that looked even older.  I also wanted a bigger challenge than the CB175 restoration provided.  I found my challenge with a 1965 Honda CA95 Benly Touring.

This 154cc twin-cylinder bike has the classic styling cues I was looking for.  Large valanced fenders, chrome fuel tank trim, and simple, classic lines.  This model was produced from 1959 through 1966.  The cheesy aftermarket rear luggage rack will not be included in the restoration.  The US-spec CA95 wasn’t built with turn signals, but the Asian and European market C95 was, so I’ll eventually hunt down the proper turn signal pieces to ensure that I have working turn signals on the final product.  I’ve included a picture below of what a restored CA95 should look like.

My plans often change, but at this point, I plan on using this bike down-state once it’s restored.  It would join the ’65 Honda CA102 in that garage.  Two bikes for every garage sounds right, doesn’t it?  (Debbie isn’t allowed to answer that question, I already know her answer.)

This project will take quite a while, perhaps a year, but I’ll post occasional updates.

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6 Comments on “New Project: 1965 Honda CA95 Benly Touring”

  1. Kevin you have your hands full on this one. Put the picture of what the bike looks like totally restored and looking brand new. This way everyone will see the before and after pictures of what the bike should look like in about a year or so, and then they will appreciate the hard work you have put into this bike. I have faith in you because of your previous work in restoration of your other bikes. Enjoy Kevin and if you need any help please do not to ask me for help because I know nothing about restoration, hell I’m lucky to just spell the word. Go for it Kevin, and Good Luck.

  2. Ok, I’ll add a picture of what the bike should look like when I’m done. It will be fun taking the bike apart and making it new again, piece by piece.

    1. Hello Austin.

      The CA95 Benly bikes aren’t fetching big dollars, and really haven’t gotten much attention from the collectors yet. A non-running CA95 that is otherwise fairly complete can be found for roughly $500, sometimes less. Fully restored, maybe $1500 – $1800. It’s the CA95’s big brother, the CA77 Dream (305cc) that fetches a higher price.

      The project is completed … here’s the link if you’re interested:


  3. Hey Kevin saw your 150 Dream Restoration. I’ve got a 66′ myself and having a heck of a time sourcing a “kit” for turn signals.

    I have a source for the; full front signals, rear lenses and that’s about it. Not sure what other wiring and switches I’ll need?!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Tom in Winter Park Fl email:

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