A Project Within a Project

With the cold weather setting in and my wrist surgery just 10 days away, much of the motorcycle restoration project is on-hold for a while.  I’m still making progress, though, ordering small parts that I need and cleaning parts that I’ll use again.

The project is really a series of little sub-projects.  The latest sub-project was a complete rebuild of the starter motor.  Since this is a full restoration, components like the starter require restoration, too.  The starter came apart without argument, and the parts appeared to be in great condition.  The original grease appeared to be fresh, but when I rotated the bearing the grease peeled away with the consistency of licorice candy.  So, all the parts were soaked in mineral spirits to dissolve the old grease.

In a moment of cleaning overkill, I put the bearings and gears in an ultrasonic cleaner to blast away any remaining tiny crud.  The appropriate parts were coated with fresh grease before the starter was reassembled.   The starter was clean and lubed, but I still didn’t know if it worked.  I grabbed a set of jumper cables, connected them to a battery then hooked the other ends to the starter.  With a kick the starter pounced to life, spinning with a convincing hum.  When the engine cases are painted, the starter body will receive a coat of paint to match.

Still a long way to go with this project, but the starter is ready for service.

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2 Comments on “A Project Within a Project”

  1. Doing a good job Kevin. This reminds me of the old movie “Frankenstein”. Remember when doctor Frankenstein put all the dead parts of the body together, then wheeled this lifeless body up to the open window on the roof and the body was struck by lighting a couple of times. Then he rolled the chain and the body came down to the table he had been working on the body. As he stared and walked around the body and looked at all the parts he had stitched together he had noticed a movement in one of his hands. Then as we all know he began to yell at the top of his lungs “IT’S ALIVE” “IT’S ALIVE”
    This is almost how you sound when your describing how you put the starter together and then went and got the jumper cable and gave it a shock and the starter worked. Then you began to laugh uncontrollable saying “IT’S ALIVE” “IT’S ALIVE”
    I love it Kevin. Keep on bringing all the dead and old parts back to life. LOL

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