Restoration Complete

Today I had the pleasure of putting 23 miles on my newly restored 1965 Honda CA95 Benly Touring 150.  I took it easy since the engine is still breaking in, but it ran quite well, and shifted through the gears with no issue.  Since this was the maiden voyage, I listened closely for things that need some adjustment.  It’s a bit loud up front, so I need to examine the exhaust gaskets.  The front wheel also needs to be balanced.  No matter, it was a successful first ride.

The project took 11 months and 2 weeks of weekend work.  64 parts orders were placed, 34 from within the USA, 27 from Thailand, 2 from Canada and one from England.  Within the USA, I ordered parts from 19 different states.

It’s a tiny little machine, but it’s fun to ride.  I’ll bring it down state next weekend where it will be more at ease on the slower surface streets.

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4 Comments on “Restoration Complete”

  1. Kevin those before and after pictures really tell the story. It show’s the work that you did to each part and the out come. I love them. As I told you before the white wall tires are really sharp and your idea to add that Honda emblem to the side makes the bike look like one of a kind. Great idea.

  2. Kevin,
    I am inspired by your restoration. I have a 64 Baby Dream that I am in the process of restoring. It sat in my father’s barn for more than 50 years as I asked to buy it and fix it. I have never seen it run and am looking forward to that day. I have farrrr to go.
    I noticed the turn signals on your bike. I would like to add them to mine for the safety aspect even though the US model did not have them. Would you be willing to share how you did that? Any help and tips would be greatly appreciated.

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