Touring on the ’65 Honda Benly Touring 150

Between the rain drops and gale force winds, I insisted on taking the ’65 Honda around town.  I’ll be hauling it down-state tomorrow, so this was my last chance to get some pictures of the Benly in the North.  The weather was not great for riding, with high winds and periods of rain.  On the way to Bellaire and later into Alden, I experienced sleet biting into my face like little needles.  The sleet didn’t bother the Honda one bit.

I rode to Bellaire to take some higher resolution pictures of the bike by Mom’s shed, then decided to ride into Alden.  I stopped at local landmarks along the way to take pictures, worried that the high winds would knock the bike over.  While I stopped for pictures at the Dockside restaurant, a woman got out of her car and started taking pictures of the little motorbike with her cell phone.  After taking some pictures in Alden, I returned to the house.

The odometer now reads 6201 – 52 miles since it’s been restored.  It’ll be fun riding it around town when I get it home.


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3 Comments on “Touring on the ’65 Honda Benly Touring 150”

  1. Even though it doesn’t show the ‘whole’ bike, my fave photo is the one by the ‘angry Torch Lake’.

    1. Hmm … the whole bike is in the picture. Maybe it’s because you’re using a tiny screen. Anyway, the wind was so strong coming off Torch Lake that I was worried it would blow over the bike while it was on its stand. People were walking into Dockside leaning into the wind.

  2. Well Kevin another fine job done. The bike looks “SHOW” ready. Doesn’t matter where you take a picture of the bike it will be great looking. I’m kinda partial to the one picture of your fan you have in front of Dock Side. The bike looks good with a nice “Back Ground”. LOL. You know Kevin I hear tell that you should find yourself another bike project soon. There is a women you know (I won’t mention any names Debbie) very well and she has a list if projects for you to start on, and these I don’t think you will enjoy.
    Do me a favor Kevin, when we go riding and we park, can you kinda park away from me and my bike. Preferably way, way, waaaayyyy down the street. Give me a chance next year for people to notice my shiny bike. Just kidding Kevin.
    Your bike looks great. Everything on it has been cleaned, polished, or replaced by your hands only. Fabulous job. Can’t wait to read the book.

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