Happy Birthday Grandma!

Below are some pictures from our December 9 gathering to celebrate my wonderful mother’s birthday.  It seemed almost like our Christmas parties from the past, where we crammed into a tiny basement to share some laughs and food.

It was a lot of fun, and it was nice to have so many people drop by for the event.  Thanks very much to everybody that shared their Sunday afternoon with us.  Thanks to Deb, too, for all the work and planning.  Happy birthday, Mom!

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One Comment on “Happy Birthday Grandma!”

  1. Kevin these are some great pictures you took. Your mom was so happy to have the entire family over for her birthday. It was very nice for Debbie and you to host it at your house. It’s hard to believe how all the kids have grown up. One minute I see them in diapers and the next minute I hear their baking a cake. Oh yeah and what a great cake it was too. Thanks for inviting me and Mary to this special occasion. We had a wonderful time.

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