Christmas Eve at Dave & Julie’s

This year Dave and Julie hosted the Christmas Eve gathering.  Their new Goldendoodle puppy Reggie got lots of attention, too.  While we were there, the snow fell, giving us that White Christmas that we weren’t expecting.  Dave’s saltwater reef aquarium was the center of attention for all ages.

My camera sat idle that evening, so thanks go out to Becky for passing along these pictures.

Thanks, Dave and Julie!

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One Comment on “Christmas Eve at Dave & Julie’s”

  1. Hello everyone. I would like to thank Dave and Julie for having my family over for Christmas Eve dinner. It was such a pleasure to share once again and evening with so many good friends, Dave and Julie you are great friends. Todd and Ivy also told me that they felt very comfortable being there and seeing everyone. We all enjoyed sharing this special holiday with your family. Thanks you Dave and Julie once again and may you and your family have a “HAPPY NEW YEARS”.
    Your friend’s,
    Mary and Al

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