The ’65 Super Cub Gets Some Tweaks

I’m particularly fond of my 1965 Honda Super Cub.  It’s the first motorcycle I’ve owned, and I took my road test on it.  After a few seasons of riding, it needed some maintenance and updates, but those were put on hold while I restored the ’65 Benly.  When that project concluded in September, I shifted my focus back to the Super Cub.

People unfamiliar with motorcycles may not recognize the significance of the Super Cub.  It’s the most produced motor vehicle in history, and has been in production since 1958.  I parked my little Cub 18 months ago, when the original muffler rusted through and the bike needed some attention.

The following work has been done over the past 4 months:

1) Replaced the original muffler, which had rusted through and had gotten quite loud.

2) Added the correct turn signals, wiring, flasher and handlebar switch gear from the general export model.  The American export model did not include turn signals.

3) Added aftermarket polished aluminum lower fork covers, a chrome center luggage rack and headlight visor to add some bright work to the bike.

4) Replaced the original side covers and latches.

5) Disassembled and cleaned the carburetor.

6) Re-lubricated all cables.

7) The old speedometer didn’t work, so I replaced it with an aftermarket speedometer, which I disassembled and set to the same odometer reading as the old one. I also transferred the old “MPH” speedometer face plate from the old speedometer to the new unit.

8) Replaced the battery and added wiring for a 6-volt Battery Tender (charger).

9) Replaced the single mirror with a pair of mirrors for added visibility.

10) Replaced the original selenium rectifier with a modern silicon rectifier.  The rectifier converts the AC from the alternator to DC, and older rectifiers can be inefficient.

When the weather improves, I’ll haul the Super Cub down state to join the other ’65 Honda in the garage.

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4 Comments on “The ’65 Super Cub Gets Some Tweaks”

  1. Well another fine job done Kevin. The bike looks great. Like brand new. We defently have to get all your bikes together and have a photo shoot. I bet if you take pictures and give a short comment on each bike we could have a best seller here. I can see the money coming in already. $$$$$$$$$$$

  2. Nice job, Kev………………….but, I wouldn’t expect anything else! You always take pride in what you do and the end result is proof.

    1. This was just a little bit of maintenance work, nothing big. As soon as the snow melts I’ll push it out the back and into the garage. I really can’t wait to get it started. In a month or so I’ll haul it down state.

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