Stacey’s Family Visits Alden

I’m a month late with these pictures, but Stacey’s family spent a weekend with me in Alden over the August 17-18 weekend.  It was Aubrey’s first long car ride, and she did really well.  Peyton caught so many bluegills on Thayer Lake that he eventually got bored with fishing and decided to drive the pontoon boat instead.

Coincidentally, Daryl’s family was nearby in Bellaire, so we all got together for some boating and an evening at Papa K’s pizza, where the cousins played indoor golf.  We’re looking forward to your family’s next visit, Stacey!

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One Comment on “Stacey’s Family Visits Alden”

  1. How wonderful that you all shared some time together. Looks like everyone enjoyed the visit.

    Loved all the photos.

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