White Coat Ceremony

On September 18, we packed a GMC Yukon XL full of people, luggage and one motorcycle and headed to Tennessee for the White Coat Ceremony at Lincoln Memorial University.  Nicki and Nate both got their white coats, symbolizing their transition into clinical studies at medical school.

We rented a great log home on Norris Lake, which was only 8 miles from Nicki’s place, but a good 25 minute drive, given the crazy mountain roads that guaranteed motion sickness for all passengers.  The roads made for fun motorcycling, though.  Following the ceremony, we gathered at Nicki and Nate’s place for a barbecue and some beverages.

Congratulations, Nicki and Nate, on getting your white coats!

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2 Comments on “White Coat Ceremony”

  1. Congratulations to Nicki. We’re so proud of you!!!!

    Everyone looks great. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  2. Kevin n Debbie what a beautiful ceremony you had with Nicki receiving her traditional “White Coat”. It also was nice for Doug and Jan, your mom, Becky, Joe and Brittany to attend.
    Both me and Maria are very happy for you both and are so proud of Nicki. You have a beautiful daughter that has her mind set to make something of her self. She just climbed another rung on the ladder to success.
    Nicki “CONGRATULATIONS” to you. You have made your mom and dad so very proud of you. Keep up the good work. Always remember Nicki there are “NO SECOND CHANCES”. Keep making us all proud of you.
    Love Ya
    Mr. Al

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