Claiborne Fitness Expo

I’m sharing this email update from Nicki:

Hey guys,

Thought I’d send you some pictures so you can see what Nate and I have been up to lately. We recently helped out at the Claiborne Fitness Expo, an event created by a DCOM student last year to promote health and wellness in the community. There were over 30 businesses that took part this year, and DCOM students help do free health screenings (although Nate and I got suckered into manning the food table!). The different clubs at DCOM also form teams and participate in a “fire truck pull” for charity, I included a few of those pictures as well. Then there’s a couple pictures of Nate doing the “Pump Your Guns Challenge”. Finally, the last picture is us and our friend Ashley with our completed poster from the research project we did with Dr. Throckmorton. He’s leaving for Calgary tomorrow to present it at a national meeting! Pretty cool.


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  1. Hey Nicki thanks for all the great pictures. It was nice of you and Nate to help out at that Expo. Looks like everyone had alot of fun. You look very professional in that one picture of you, Nate and another girl hold that banner. You have grown up to be a very beautiful women. Your not a baby anymore, although your mom and dad wish you were. They miss you so very much. they can’t wait to see you for Easter. Get ready for lots of hugs and kiss’s.
    Like your brother always say’s he has big pythons. Nate’s are getting like mine but maybe a little more weight on the bar bells could get his pythons a bit bigger. LOL Nate your looking good too. You both look happy. I know Nicki tells you and you read what I write, but I want you to know that there are “NO SECOND CHANCE’S” You both have one shot at this so study, pass your exams and then go celebrate. In that order. Love you both Mr. Al

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