New Triumph Bonneville

Although the temps barely rose above freezing today, the sunshine felt good.  We started the day with a great breakfast at The Pantry on Hall Road, then headed to Triumph Detroit to pick up my new Bonneville.

The dealer took us in back to see the bike.  His crew had installed the accessories I ordered, including the chrome cam cover and chrome luggage rack.  I also added the handlebar-end mirrors for improved rear visibility.

After a walk-through of its controls and starting procedure, we pushed the Bonnie out of the service bay and into the back parking lot to load it on the trailer.  Al took pictures as I tied the bike down and got ready to haul it away.  The snow and ice had melted from the road, and while it was only 37 degrees out, I just had to take the motorbike for its initial ride.  Back at the house, I rolled it off the trailer, the odometer showing only 1/10 of a mile.

The winds were strong and cold, so I suited up with the warmest riding gear I had.  This bike is fuel injected, so it started the instant I pressed the starter button.  The engine sounded great, with a pleasing low rumble.  The bike clicked firmly into gear and I rode off, dodging potholes, fallen branches and icy puddles.  I made a loop through St Clair Shores, putting the first 13 miles on the Bonneville.  I’m looking forward to warmer days and new roads.

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2 Comments on “New Triumph Bonneville”

  1. “CONGRATULATION” Kevin on the purchase of your new bike. It’s a sharp looking bike, great choice. You work hard and you deserve it. Kevin I know you like the wind in your face but it doesn’t have to be doing 100 mph. Roads are bad with enormous pot holes not to mention all the drivers that do not pay attention or see motorcycle’s. You can get that same feeling of the wind in your face if you just follow me. Hell I go at a speed where my hair doesn’t even get out of place but I can still feel the wind in my face. (Shut up Debbie I can hear your comment)
    Have fun Kevin and hope you enjoy many years of riding your new “2014” Triumph. God Bless and keep you safe.

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