Old Paddle Boat Hauled to Alden

Like my larger pontoon boat, the story of this little pontoon paddle boat starts with my brother Dave browsing Craigslist.  This past Monday, Dave sent an email, showing a little 10-foot Paddle King pontoon boat for sale.  He knew that I was interested in getting one for our guests to use.  I called the seller Tuesday, and on Friday, I hauled the little boat to Alden in the bed of my pickup truck.

The boat was light enough for me to unload myself.  In a constant drizzle, I dragged it to the shoreline, which is at the highest level I’ve ever seen, thanks to heavy snow from the past Winter.  Enzo joined me for a short ride on Thayer Lake, which allowed me to inspect my dock, which is floating away due to the high lake levels.  I have some maintenance work to do on the dock in the coming weeks.

This little pontoon paddle boat needs to be cleaned up a bit, but it’s mechanically sound, and has a new chain.  I suspect that it will be a favorite water toy with our guests.  It’s very relaxing to ride.

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