Update: Pontoon Rebuild Project – Coming Together

It was a perfect day in Alden for working on a boat – 72 degrees and sunshine.  It doesn’t look like it, but I put in more than 10 hours of work on the project today, and hope to make more progress tomorrow.

I trimmed the carpet and installed the aluminum edge cap.  The new front corners were then installed, which are made of cast aluminum – more substantial than the original extruded corners.  Most of the time was spent digging old silicone rubber out of the side rails to make room for the new sheet aluminum fencing.  I installed the rear half of the rails, mounting them on new plastic risers to allow water to flow under the rails and to prevent the build-up of moss on the carpet.  I also routed the wiring for the stern light through the rails, replacing the corroded original factory wiring.

Sunday I got the remaining rails in place and installed the sheet aluminum fencing.  Cutting and fitting the sheet aluminum was no fun at all, and a few minor blemishes can be seen, but it’s nicer than the dented sheet metal that came off the boat.  The side decals will be installed later.

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  1. Where does one purchase the deck trim… it is usually aluminum trimming or edging that attaches to the deck.

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