Update: Pontoon Rebuild Project – Controls and Lighting

Today was another Saturday spent working on the pontoon rebuild project.  It’s coming together nicely, although slowly.  The front navigation lights and new docking lights were mounted, along with the stern light.  The steering hub was mounted in the console, and the throttle/shift control was mounted at the console’s left side.  Three electrical panels were mounted on the console as well.

The heavy steering cable was connected to the outboard engine.  It works well, and turns smoothly.  Likewise, the throttle and shift cables were mounted at the engine and control lever, but needs some adjustments to improve the smoothness of the shifting.

I won’t apply the new decals until the boat is completely finished, but I did manage to apply a tiny fish decal to the front gate.  I didn’t order this decal – it was simply included in another order as a bonus item.  The color matched the boat’s theme perfectly, so I decided to use the decal.  It will blend in with the larger stripe decals when they are applied.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, I hope to get started on the wiring harness work.  I won’t likely finish that in one day, but I should make some progress.

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