Update: Priming the Dnepr

Yesterday I finally primed the first of many pieces for the Dnepr project.  I’m using Eastwood’s Contour primer, which went on smoothly and evenly.  I’m also quite pleased with the performance of my Sprayit SP-33000 paint gun, a “low-volume, low-pressure” (LVLP) gun that works well with smaller air compressors like mine.  The Dnepr’s frame now has 3 coats of primer and should be ready for hand-sanding.  The temperature was around 90 degrees, so the 2-part primer hardened quickly, in about 20 minutes.  Next weekend I may be ready to prime the fenders and front fork pieces.

In order to elevate the frame for painting, I used 3 ladders to create my “redneck paint booth”.  This will allow me to hang multiple smaller pieces such as the fenders and assorted brackets that will be primed next.  I still have to finish removing the old paint from the sidecar frame, and I’m also working on preparing the sidecar body for priming, filling seams and low spots created by the factory spot welds.

Stay tuned … I’ll get more pictures up next weekend.

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