Family Fun in Alden

The Alden house has played host to both sides of the family the past 2 weekends.  Last Saturday, July 30, was very busy, with Deb’s mother and Aunt Marianne spending a long weekend.  Their brother Fred visited from the Cadillac area with Deb’s cousin Virginia.  Deb’s other cousin Jennifer stopped over from Grayling the day before.

Also on July 30, Stacey and her family were in nearby Kingsley for a baseball tournament, so I hopped on the ’99 Triumph Legend to spend the day with them.  Sherry joined us, too, making it a mini reunion.

This weekend Daryl, Emily, and 4 of her friends stopped over for some lake fun along with Grandma and Grandpa.  Emily’s gang took out the paddle boards and paddle boat, and swam at the beach.  Standing on the paddle board without falling is challenging enough for most of us, but Emily had to raise the bar and stand on her head.

Thanks for visiting – enjoy the pictures.

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