Update: Finished Priming the Dnepr

Today the sidecar and sidecar frames got their final coats of primer, completing the priming of parts for the Dnepr project.  A full gallon of primer was consumed to prime the Dnepr.  Before I begin spraying the black 2-part urethane paint, each part will be hand sanded with various grades of sandpaper.

Getting the sidecar frame ready for priming was a big job.  The accumulation of rust on the frame required tedious work to remove.  After many hours of sanding, the sidecar frame was shiny bare metal, ready for priming.  Glad that’s behind me.

Over the next few weeks, I should have the parts painted, sanded and buffed.  I can then begin the assembly of the parts, starting with the newly trued and balanced wheels on the frame.  Assembly is the most fun part of these projects, and I can hardly wait.

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