Update: My Dnepr is a Rolling Chassis

After another short delay I was back to working on the Dnepr MT-11 this weekend.  I installed the sidecar shock and spring, which required compressing with a ratcheting tie-down strap made into a loop.  The sidecar frame took only a few minutes to mount.  After rolling the bike onto the lawn for a few pictures, I thought about installing the engine too.  With the engine resting on the motorcycle jack, I rolled it next to the frame and pumped the jack to life the engine to the correct height.  It really didn’t take much to maneuver the engine into the frame and slide the mounting bolts through the frame.

I then slipped the left exhaust pipe and muffler into place for a few pictures.  I like how the bike is coming along so far, but as the temps slip into the freezing range, I’ll soon be setting up the heater in the garage for future work.

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