Update: Dnepr Exhaust and Cables Installed

I spent a few hours this weekend with the Dnepr project, mounting both exhaust pipes and mufflers.  Previously, the left exhaust was just resting in place to test-fit the components.  The new dual exhausts look much better than the original 2-into-1 muffler, and the vintage-style fish tail mufflers add a nice touch.  Everything mounted right up, although I had to remove about 3 centimeters of pipe from the end of the right pipe as it was too long.  An angle grinder made fast work of that task.

I lubricated all 5 cables before routing and connecting them.  Once I get to the point of securing a wiring harness in place, I’ll do my best to hide the cables, or at least mount them so that they are less noticeable.  On the handlebar, I had to make some adjustments to secure the inverted hand levers, but I love the vintage look of these levers.

The rear axle and drive shaft were also installed.  Since many fasteners were only hand-tightened to test each part for proper fit, I removed many fasteners and applied a thread lock compound before re-tightening.

It will probably be a few weeks before I make more progress.  Thanks for checking in.

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