Deb and Nicki in New York

With Nicki having a medical residency interview in New York, Deb decided to join her and catch some of the sights.  This was Deb’s first trip to New York city, so Nicki took her to see some sights.  On Friday they visited the set of Good Morning America, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  Earlier they went to the top of the Empire State Building.

Today will include a visit to Central Park, and in the evening they will attend a Broadway show.  Aside from the cold weather, it looks like a great first trip to New York for Deb.

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One Comment on “Deb and Nicki in New York”

  1. Those are some great pictures that the girls took. Seems to be pretty cold way up there on top. I like the picture of the Statue Of Liberty. I would of taken the stairs just to say “I DID IT”. It would of taken me a month or two though. LOL I really like Ellis Island picture. The floor looks so clean and shiny. It was great that Debbie and Nicki were able to see the sites in New York. To bad you weren’t able to go with them. Glad they both had fun. Now they have some good memory’s of being together and in New Your.

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