Nicki in Costa Rica

Nicki and some of her med school pals spent February in tropical Costa Rica.  She had to speak Spanish during this time, taking Spanish classes every day and doing medical outreach one per week.  Pura vida!

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One Comment on “Nicki in Costa Rica”

  1. The sunsets are beautiful. I like the Envision where Nicki and Katie are meditating. I tried that once and got my legs locked together. Then I got cramps and had to roll over to get them unlocked. Now I sit on a 5 gallon bucket and meditate. Those crabs are awesome. Wouldn’t want to be tanning on that beach. The monkeys in the trees that are just laying and hanging around are cool. I really like the one monkey that’s dressed in purple and looks to be waving to someone. LOL You look beautiful Nicki. Looks to me you have some wonderful memories to remember. Glad your home safe and sound. Love Ya, Mr. Al. XO

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