1966 Honda CL77 Scrambler – New Pistons and Cylinder Liners

On December 23, an early Christmas present (from me, to me) arrived in the form of new pistons and cylinder liners for the 1966 Honda project.  I am working to complete the engine rebuild during the Winter months.

In another example of overkill, these forged aluminum pistons from Wiseco are designed for high-performance applications, but are lighter and stronger than the stock cast aluminum pistons.  The new iron cylinder liners will be installed in the cylinder block after I have it media blasted to clean away decades of oxidation and grime.  The cylinders will then be bored and honed by a machine shop to fit the new pistons.

I’ll be taking the engine block castings, cylinder and head to a media blasting company in January.  I want to be reassembling the engine in February to stay on track.  As always, I’ll post updates when progress is made.

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2 Comments on “1966 Honda CL77 Scrambler – New Pistons and Cylinder Liners”

  1. hey kevin,

    I am at the same point you are but with a 67 cl77. i need new sleeves and pistons. my sleeves are not salvageable. Could you please email me the information onthe weisco pistons and sleeves, parts numbers and where you bought the sleeves from?

    It would be a huge help. jerod.parr@gmail.com

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