1966 Honda CL77 Scrambler – Carburetors Rebuilt

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update on the 1966 Honda Scrambler restoration project.  I’ve been quite busy, and besides, Winter refuses to leave Michigan, limiting my time in the garage.

Today I finished rebuilding the carburetors.  It’s a fairly simple process, made easier since the carburetor bodies were cleaned with the vapor honing process I covered in my January 29 post.  The carburetor rebuild kit included parts specific to this model of motorcycle, so reassembling the carburetors was easy work.

The carburetor rebuild kit included new brass jets, springs, gaskets, o-rings, float bowl valves and adjustment screws for both carburetors.  The adjustment screws and throttle jet needles were set to the default setting, which should be fine for starting the engine.  Once the engine warms up and breaks in for at least 50 miles, I’ll go through the process of setting the adjustments to balance the carburetors and fine-tune the settings for a smooth idle.

I have all the engine parts needed to begin reassembly, so stay tuned.


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